Friday, 26 March 2010

I have been busy cutting some new pieces this week. I have got a chest infection and have been dosed up on antibiotics and actually thats been good to get some cutting done. I didnt want to do sensible ones though! I have some Cambridge ones that I must get cracking with but I wanted to do some of my heart.

The man and the woman together is from a poem I wrote a few months ago, about a tender moment in time. I wanted the figures to feel really intimate, so the viewer can feel their connection. And I wanted to express how close they felt but with a little sadness there too. Here is the poem.....

Let us stand you and I
in a quiet stillness that
belongs only to us.
And in that stillness
let me always love you.
Let my petals fall on your shoulders and
I will wrap you in silk.
It is my whispered touch on your skin.
Let us stand together,
you and I.

This paper cut below though is entirely different. It makes me so happy to read it! because thats how I feel! Like a horse. At times running free when I am making my cuts to being stuck in the stable and kicking the door when I am surrounded by washing, cooking, having to work to everyones elses needs. Mostly I am happy to do them, we all have our responsibilities... but there are times when I want the door to be open I can throw my head back and run as free as the wind into the fields. I am always in the same place when I think of this - the wide open space of Salisbury Plain. Its so beautiful there... the wind in my ears, the sight of the chalk. I know within an instant that I am home, that I am of this land.