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Sunday, 29 August 2010

More photos of Mr. Winters Vanishing

A brief description of the story....Mr. Winter, feeling unloved and unappreciated decides not to visit this year. this causes havoc.... Mr Autumn cant go home, the swifts of the air cant return to the warmth of Africa... even Father Christmas cant visit and so stockings hang empty at the chimneys and  there are no twinkling bells of the reindeer. A small boy looks out of his bedroom window sees the north star and decides to get his friends to make lots of beautiful kites to show Mr. Winter just how much he is missed and longed for. Mr. Winter sees how he is missed, comes back and the winter can soon come and be celebrated with the falling snow and the joyous arrival of Father Christmas!

Here are some more photos of Mr. Winters Vanishing - the shadow play.

Mr. Winter's House

Mr. Winter is so sad and feels unloved

Tim looks out of his room and thinks of a plan

The North Star appears
The swifts are kept flying in the air

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