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Monday, 7 March 2011

New Work (London, Norfolk, Cambridge and poetry cuts) - delivered to Byard Art for The Affordable Art Fair, London

Well, its the Monday after the Sunday before - the deadline for me to get my finished pieces to Byard Art in Cambridge ready for them to take to The Affordable Art Fair in London at Battersea Park this coming Thursday till Sunday. Byard Art are taking ten new pieces of mine - four are the largest I have done for them - all A2 cuts in 80x60cm approx frames. The larger pieces take much longer to cut but I have to admit to having such a thrill when they are all poshed up in their top hats nd tails and framed up. The cuts just look so clean lined and clear. And strangely separate from me now, like they are ready to be off and away and into the world for new eyes, new owners. Its scary too - will people like them?, will they sell? - all the usual questions artists and galleries ask themselves before a show...thats the thing with making any art - its always a leap of faith in the dark.

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