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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Vintage Christmas wrapping paper and the Wot-Ever Scrap Store

I have always had a bit of a thing about vintage Christmas Wrapping paper. I suppose it's such a reminder of home - not that this was ever used in a time I can actually remember as I was so small. I can remember though that these types of papers were always in the Christmas box that lived in the loft. It was the box of Christmassy stuff. Old decorations and tree candle holders - yes, I can remember using real candles on a tree! UNBELIEVABLE!!! These pieces of wrapping paper I managed to get hold of just recently. I joined the "Wot-Ever Scrap Store" at Welwyn Garden City recently. It's a place where companies and individuals can donate unwanted materials from paper, plastic, bottle tops, there is a myriad of stuff there on two floors. Individuals can pay for a year's membership and then visit when they want and take what they need. Craft businesses use it, community groups etc as well as plenty of mums with young kids. The money raised is ploughed back into charity work that supports people with mental health difficulties. I tend to find I gather things up I haven't used and then deliver that and then gather up another range of things to take away. It's a wonderful little place and I am very happy to support it. To read more - click HERE to have a look at their website.

So these papers were a find I made there. I don't think I will do anything with them. Just keep them tucked away and enjoy looking at them occasionally and be reminded of a childhood.

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