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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Dipping into stories again...

After doing lots of architectural cuts very recently - I am soon to put the new pieces on my site - I thought I would do some work just based on an imagined narrative. I love Nursery Rhymes and stories of the sea. I made a drawing of a woman and a fish when I was at college, over twenty years ago and its an image that stuck in my mnd. I reworked it a few years ago and have revisited it again in this drawing. She is a wistful creature. Talking to the fish she is tapping into the wisdom of nature and trying to find her place within it. She is trying to open herself to new sights and sounds and places.

As part of the drawing there are words too:

Tell me little fish.
Talk to me of times past and times to come.
Tell me of new adventures and new horizons,
I want to see the world.

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