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Monday, 4 April 2016

Making headdresses with littlies! Reception to Yr 2 on a Brazilian carnival day!

I had a great time recently working with some really little children at the wonderful school in Chaldon, Surrey - St. Peter and St. Paul C of E Infant School. I was there to work with all the classes from reception up to Year 2. I haven't worked with little children for a while so it was a real change for me! My children are now 16 and 19, so the time when thy were that small was a fair while ago and you adapt to talking with teenagers!!!

The whole school has been focussing on Brazil and each class was a mass of stimulating and vibrant explorations through text and pictures of the theme. It was fantastic to walk into! I designed some simple components for the children to put together. In essence they were headbands with added features, like cut out shapes and pip cleaners. The children were to spend time with a drummer and dancer too and culminating in a performance at the end of the day, so having some jiggly wiggly headdresses were essential!!

Fantastic to see the teacher get involved!

Simple construction methods with pipe cleaners, cut out shapes and squares of sticky vinyl/plastic

Some became crown like.......

Others were little rain forest scenes........

The Year 2 teachers' headdress.... wrapped pipe cleaners and cut out shapes!

And the best thing to see 87 children sat in headdresses and dancing or drumming to a Brazilian beat!

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