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Friday, 30 September 2016

Nanjing Week - drop in workshop for kids and families in central London!

Stepping into the breach!......I was really lucky to step into to help a friend of mine who had been let down by another artist - to take part in Nanjing Week in central London last weekend. I love these things that happen at the last moment because its such an adventure. And the weekend really was. I am not used to being right in the heart of London doing workshops so it was a bit of an unknown quantity, but I have done many, many workshops so I was excited to get the chance. I have all my workshop kit ready all the time - a trolley I can jam with materials and resources for train travelling, or boxes full if I have the luxury of driving to the venue.  

Anyway, this weekend was two days just in the shadow of London Bridge at Potters Park Field. Its a fab area, really alive with people just walking and talking and chattering together over coffees and drinks. I had my daughter with me to help and she was simply brilliant. at 16 she braved handing out balloons to strangers which isn't at all easy... a good experience for her! She was my right hand girl and I had the very real feeling of experiencing how she will be as a grown woman. She was so patient and kind and helpful with the children who came to cut paper....I really did feel really glad she was my daughter. So the weekend was a bonus just for that! 

However, we also got the chance to work with adults and children together. Many families joined in and were doing paper cutting together. You can see here some of the results of adults work and children too. All fantastic in the range of what was produced.

There is something wonderful about cutting paper. its so humble and accessible. Its an activity that pulls people together and its unplugged from the internet and the world really, so pure creativity. As people start to use the scissors, you can see the concentration build and being wholly in the moment. Frequently the adults said 

"this is wonderful, its so easy to get into and so relaxing, makes me just relax and unhook".

Adult paper cut of random decorations
Adult paper cut based on one of my tiger/lion heads

Another adult paper cut, signed and sculptural element too!
Adult paper cut...
Collage made by a little girl about three, with a bit of help from her mum ;-)

A special request to start making elephants!

Adults taking part - East meets West in a traditional Chinese art

Another adult piece....

Tower Bridge looking magnificent at the end of a long and very busy day......train home, happy and pleased.

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