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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Paper time flowers - one boys' fantastically individual and witty paper time flowers.....

I had to post these as just a separate group, made by one child on the Family Art Studio workshop at the Broadway Gallery in Letchworth Garden City on October 9th that I ran to work in conjunction with the exhibition by Rebecca Louise Law. I thought these were so utterly wonderful!!! They showed real wit and individuality.  I talked to the boy's mum and we talked a lot about his autism and how he sees the world so differently. She was fab So supportive of him and encouraging of his clear talents. What he made stood streets ahead in concept of the other children that came. It really was a real privilege to get the chance to help and work with him.

All the paper time flowers in a pretend pot..........

"The Dawn of Time"

"Eating Time"

"Explosion of Time"

"Bad/ Monster Time"

"Out of Time"

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