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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

New Cambridge work

This is one of the new pieces for Cambridge. I just smiled and smiled when I was making it. So many of my Cambridge cuts have stuck relatively within realistic colours, but with this latest work I wanted be more bold and more joyful. In my personal life things have been a bit bumpy for the last year or so... like many people's I expect, and I wanted feel the power of colour again. There is something so releasing about using bold colours it makes you literally want to sing... burst the kitchen windows open and sing to the sky.
Funnily enough though the red was the last colour to place in. I put lots of different colour underneath what was already cut, and nothing seemed to fit as well as the red. The punts are so iconic that red is just the colour they need to be somehow.
There are seven new pieces like this one on show at the Christmas Cracker exhibition at Byard. All the details and address info are on the right of my blog.


  1. Gorgeous stuff Vanessa. The red really makes it sing (like you with the kitchen window open!!!). Looking forward to more pictures AND words...

  2. Thank you James! I have been digging out old work to put on here for people to see. Its strange seeing some pieces again... like seeing a snapshot of another me and another time.