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Monday, 14 February 2011

St. Paul's Cathedral - preparing work for the Affordable Art Fair, London, March 2011

Here are some of the stages of making a cut.This is St. Paul's Cathedral in London. A simply magnificent Wren building that takes my breathe away when ever I see it! I am making some really large pieces for me - A2 cuts of architecture in London and Cambridge ready for the Affordable Art Fair in London in March 2011. I have been wanting to go bigger, my ambition is to do a whole skyline but time isn't always there with two kids and the other papercut work I do. I am determined though and this is the first start of the process. Its daunting stuff to start at that blank page. Little by little though I cut it from the paper, carve it out almost and its fantastic to see it appear.


  1. I love watching the progression of pieces like this. I love paper cuts as well, although I'm not yet skilled enough to attempt the level of detail you've shown here. I think it's great that you're doing A2 cuts, I often work small due to my impatience and almost a small-mindedness. My compositions seem to suit smaller pieces a little better =) But yeah, great stuff, good luck at the Affordable Art Fair. x

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