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Monday, 31 August 2015

The magic of sticky backed plastic! accessible for ALL ages!!

The magic of using sticky backed plastic/vinyl for collaborative art projects is that its very accessible for all ages. Little children of under two can have a go as though they can't cut the shapes, they can do the sticking. Children are very used to stickers for art at home and school. Older children love the chance to be freely creative and the sticky vinyl means great, bold results achieved really quickly. This was the #NOST day at Kettering Art Gallery again, last Saturday. The collaborative panel based on nature was a wonderful way to get all ages involved in making a piece for the art gallery. Children of all ages got involved, as well as adults and adults and children did the learning and making together. Lot of them said how much fun they had and how much they enjoyed making it! The other really lovely thing is all the parents who took photos of their finished part!


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