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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Take one little bird....U3A adult paper cutting workshop

For the U3A adult paper cutting workshop I prepared pre-drawn sheets for the people on the course to work from. Over the time years I have been running workshops I have found that adults are much happier if they have some structure to work from. A blank piece of paper can be a very scary thing and can inhibit people hugely. So having a piece of paper with something on it means people have something to hang onto to start with.

SO.....I supplied everyone on the course with a little bird. hey were all hand drawn so all of them varied. Some had big beaks, small wings or the other way round! And what I had hoped happen did. Some people stuck to the image, but others customised it and made the bird into something more personal.

Here are the birds made of the day. Look carefully at each one and see how different the cut line is in each. A line cut with a blade almost is like a signature. It has its own individual look and energy! Notice too how the design was changed with the addition of grass, or flowers or incidental lines of decoration. It was great to see them being made and unfold.

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