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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

U3A adult paper cutting workshop in Salisbury - Aug 2015

 Through my website I had an enquiry from a U3A group - University of the Third Age - in Salisbury (Sarum Group) to ask if I could run a one day workshop for a group. I hadn't run a day course for the U3A before so I was very pleased to get the email. 
I have worked with older people in my adults before but generally my adult workshops have a greater age range than the U3A group usually have as its for retired people. My main concerns was that the people attending would find the knives hard to manipulate. Paper cutting is easy but it requires good dexterity and muscle control. So I designed an easy project to get every one going and make sure that they left at the end of the day having learnt some good techniques that they could continue with, and make something to be proud of that was high quality and well finished.

        "its been wonderful to have someone really teach us"

The day ran from 10 am - 4pm and during the day I showed the people on the day course how to do black line and white line cutting, how to add colour  and at the end of the day, even the chance to get to try some sticky vinyl collage making!. It was a VERY busy day! 16 people were on the course, made up of mainly women but with a man present too. we didn't really stop for lunch but ate sandwiches as we went along. The class was very absorbed by the activities and there was a wonderful hum of creativity most of the day!

The photos below, and the next couple of posts will illustrate the day and what was made. 

"its been so exciting to see how the image comes out of the paper!"

Using the window as a light box to cut the coloured paper to fit the spaces...

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