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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Horse teeth models, globes and Darwin's microscope!

Yesterday I finally went to a place I have been meaning to for ages! ...the Whipple Museum in Cambridge. I read about it from a leaflet by the University of Cambridge that lists the museums it owns and tried to picture where it was. Turns out, I have walked past it for years and could have very easily have called in before. 

Yesterday though was my sons birthday. He was 20 and getting to an age where museums are interesting again!! We were both so glad we went! Its not big...just a few rooms but has such an interesting collection of sciencey things on display. There were lots of wax models that were used for students to study from. Weird models of horses teeth and very delicate glass models of funghi. Never seen anything like that! Also on display was Darwin's microscope. I've just watched 'Inherit the Wind' and though its a film really tackling McCarthyism and creativity, the films subject is the work of Darwin and the teaching of Creationism, so seeing Darwin's microscope was apt.

19606's Sputnik toy

Globes of all ages!

Chemistry set packaging...

Indo-Persian Astrolabe

Funghi and plant models in blown glass!

Horses teeth models for students to work from....

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