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Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Paper Poppies & landscapes at Norfolk Creative Arts!

Just last Sunday I had the chance to run a workshop at Norfolk Creative Arts at Grimston. It had been in the pipeline for quit a few months. there had been a delay running it as my sister had died unexpectedly and I loved too - so a few things had to be postponed at the beginning of the year. It was great to get to the date and run the course. A day's workshop is always lovely as there is mych more time to relax into the learning. Its always a very social day too - lots of chattering and laughter. I hadn't been to Norfolk Creative Arts before. Its a fantastic settling - only 40 miles to Cromer so I was aching to head there afterwards but thought that will have to wait til next time! There is a wonderful dining room with hanging wall space, along with a huge, brightly lit classroom with two large tables. Its such a difference when there is a good space and light to work in. Papercutting can be very concentrated so plenty of light is essential.

You can see below the pieces that were made on the day. We started with the poppies and then started to work on more complex pieces. The poppies looked so beautiful. I'd love to do another poppies workshop in the future - celebrating the two wars but also as a personal piece of art for any remembrance or loss. 

The workshop was a real treat for me to do too. I look forward to being able to visit again and run some more paper-y cutting workshops again in the near future. A great place to visit and make and create.

There was collage on the day too - I love it when people come on the workshops and the creative juices flow into making pieces that develop on from paper cutting. Just look at this iridescent butterfly collage! 

Simpler pieces were made that were lovely in their elegance and blockier shapes.......

And other more complex pieces were emerging from the paper on the day too.....

Monday, 13 August 2018

Paper Flowers workshop for adults at Hitchin Lavender!

Just a couple of months ago I ran another couple of workshops at the beautiful Hitchin Lavender in Ickleford. I've run paper flowers workshops for children before but this was the first chance to run one for adults and it was fab! I really enjoyed experimenting and making the pieces to show people on the workshop and it made me realise just a tiny bit how complex the structures of flowers are! My favourites to make were the cornflowers. I really loved making these as they are such a beautiful colour and somehow seem like a flower set apart from others. The cornflower has a very chequered and conflicting past as a symbol, being related to Austria and Nazi Germany as well as often used as a symbol for remembrance and hospices.

The flowers made on the workshop were realistic ones and imaginary ones too. By looking at real flowers, we could get a sense of the internal structure and then apply that to making something from our imaginations. It set off loads of about petals with poetry and text on then, flowers to tell a story or be a visual song? My mind was set racing again as it often is on a workshop. Its the creative space that does it.

  People gathered making and chattering has a special magic.

All the materials used were easy to come by. Garden wire, painted sheets of photocopy/printer paper, scissors and book binding glue and a few pre printed patterned papers were great to use too. And having rulers and compasses helped too for those who found it hard to draw a circle freehand.

Monday, 2 April 2018

Grabbing a moment to sketch at Hampton Court Palace - Wilderness Garden

And this was the drawing I managed to quickly do in the Wilderness Garden. We visited with friends, so lots of chatter and not much time to draw. I managed to get some time to sit when everyone else was in the maze - mazes stress me out!! - and I can't tell you how lovely it was. Daffodils as far as I could see and just people mooching about. Lots of people photographing themselves and their children surrounded by the yellow flowers. Its so important to plug into nature I think. I had to rush the pic.....sketch out of focus sadly! Ooops! 

Isnt it just beautiful.......
Snapped by my husband.......