Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Devonshire Dome discovery!

Back in the Spring we had the chance to book a week away and visit Derbyshire again. It was soooo good to be back. We visited a couple of years ago and I badly twisted my ankle and so the holiday was rather ruined as I was feet up and stuck in a car to do sight seeing. So my husband and I both felt a bit cheated by circumstance. So a week booked staying in the village of Elton was magical and just what we had hoped. Long walks, exploring local areas, climbing Mam Tor and other meant for a busy week but utterly fab. And we found the Devonshire Dome - now the home to the University of Derby. It was such a find, all down to my sister mentioning it was a hospital way back that she had been for an interview for. Its all changes now, but a very notable building for its huge span dome. There is a cafe and refectory there so we had great jacket potatoes at about £3.50 each and enjoyed a leisurely coffee people watching too. Do visit - its a stunning space!

A watercolour drawing of a small segment! 

Its a fabulous dome!!