Thursday, 8 December 2011

A new commission

I have been very quiet on here - mainly as I have been getting lots of new work done, and been making commissions and have been building a SHOP!!! More news about this to come very soon!

Here is a very recent commission I have made for Caroline Brett. Caroline wanted two of sold pieces combined.... the design of this one:

with the colours of this one:

So I got to work. It's never easy making another version of a piece. I ALWAYS want to change parts of a design that I think doesn't work too brilliantly. And there is that risk... I might change it too much to fit with the request of the person commissioning me. With this two bike paper cut there were some areas I wanted to tweak and improve anyway, so actually getting the chance to do that - to make the piece better - was an opportunity I relished. The hardest part was bringing in the colours from the punts cut.The reason why pictures work is the whole balance of shape and form and colour together in those particular proportions. Simply changing the colours means that often a piece just doesn't look right. In the early stages of making a piece I play a lot with many combinations to get it just right. So bringing the colours into this commission piece wasn't easy. It needed lots of thinking time and placing of chunks of paper over and over again.

In time though, the image settled. Found it's shape and it's form.

And here it is - the commission for Caroline Brett to celebrate her wedding anniversary.