Sunday, 29 September 2013

Feeling like a real boy!.....David's Bookshop Commission - the mug stage!

I woke up on this lovely sunny morning and checked my phone whilst I slurped my tea in bed... and there in my notification was something exciting! I was commissioned by David's Bookshops in Letchworth to produce a cut paper piece of the shop front back in May. The bookshop wanted the commission to publish postcards and make merchandise but the image they had used for years was a bit outdated. So I set to work and made the piece... and as with all things things went quiet, life rumbled on and I got on with other commissioned pieces.

But now... the mugs and postcards have been made and it's so lovely to see! I have always loved seeing my work reproduced, not only aesthetically because the flatness of the colours really comes out, but it makes it all so accessible for lots of people. I am not a great one for stuff being too fancy pants and to see these mugs, though only small in the great scheme of things... is really exiting for me to see and sort of an aspiration come true.

So... at long last, it feels like I am slowly becoming a real boy!

David's Bookshop, Letchworth Garden City

Saturday, 14 September 2013

My cunning plan greetings card plan!

So cunning plan to take over the world! MWAH HA HA HA!!!   - so very, very excited to see all these shops selling my cards, second orders are already in! A big thank you to:


Letchworth Garden City:


Stevenage (Old Town)
Little Willow Gifts

Botanical Gardens, Cambridge

David's Bookshop, Letchworth Garden City

Kenmore Interiors, Hitchin

Little Willow, Stevenage Old Town

my cards now available at the Fitzwilliam Museum!

oh....a bit of a dream come true! My cards on sale at the Fitzwilliam Museum - can you see one of my bikes lurking?