Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Taking that fork - some new work....and getting a sense of perspective.

Its funny how, when you take a slight tangent in life it makes you see the path you were on much more clearly. Its like it all brings it all into sharper focus. When I started to talk about taking a fork in the road I was talking about not feeling like I was a tram stuck on the tracks, producing only one kind of work. I had felt such a need in the last few months to improve my work and be the best artist I can be and had been feeling that I wasn't developing, wasn't taking risks.

What surprised and delighted me when I made that post about the fork, was that many people told me not to stop cutting as I was good at what I do, whilst others gave me the thumbs up to take some more leaps into the dark. I wa so very grateful for both types of comments. It was such a clap on the back and a cheer from th sidelines, that it really perked me up and inspired me to keep at it. How importanat friends and supporter are!

So I got cracking and made some newwork. And here is one of them. A post card that I found at the Wotever-Scrap Store.It was just tucked away in amidst unsent greetings cards. It grabbed me straight away. I havent really travelled that far, just to Europe, and I could relate to this object. It had never reached it full potential and that made me think of me too. And so to cut into it made that connection form me to it and back again. Its not a picture of something,its an object that has meaning and that excited me so very,very much!

Stonehill School, Letchworth - Art Club - paper dragons

My club at Stonehill School has started up again too - its a club that's an hour long after school, thats run in six week cycles. The newest students to attand range from Year 4 - Year 6.Last week we started to make simple paper dragons from strips of cardboard, felt tips and coffee sticks!

Knights Templar School, Baldock - Year 11 paper cutting Workshop

Now the new term has started, I am back into schools running paper cutting workshops. These pictures are from a session at Knights Templar School in Baldock, Hertfordshire, where I worked with a group of approx 25 students in Year 11. I showed them examples of my portfolio, explaining the difference between black line and white line cutting, and went onto show them how I layer the paper underneath to make my layered collages.