Wednesday, 22 September 2010

St.Alban's Cathedral West Front

I am due to deliver fifteen brand new pieces for an exhibition at St. Alban's Cathedral tomorrow in an exhibition from 24th September until 26th October at the Cafe Gallery. Alongside my work will be the work of Hertfordshire based artist Stephanie Littlechild.

I am really excited to be showing this work - its the first time I have attempted a cathedral and I feel like the biggest kid keeping everything crossed that people will like them! They are complex pieces and very difficult to make. I have had to keep my concentration levels very high to get them finished. They are immensely satisfying though to see emerge from the paper.

I have other work too alongside - small text pieces of "Swing Low,Sweet chariot" as well as paper cuts of St. Alban's buildings like the Clock Tower and the Town Hall.

Here is one example of the "chariot" cuts...

Please do come along and have a look at this very newest work. The cathedral is a gorgeous building and its just marvellous to have my work there. One day I would love to see my work hanging free in the body of the day...

The Cafe Gallery is open from:

Mon - Friday 8.0am- 4.30pm
Sat 10 - 4.30pm
Sun 1pm - 4.00pm

For more information about the Cathedral and how to get there click on the link here.

St. Alban's town centre map:

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

New work - strange little places of my imagination...

I have been doing some new work, of which this is only a miniscule little taster. I will be posting more at the beginning of October, in time for my exhibition at Letchworth Art Centre. I am not sure why these are coming out of my head at the moment. The subconscious is a wonderful place of unfathomability! They have been very unhurried and undirected... we shall see where they take me.