Tuesday, 21 June 2016

I love teaching adults - Knuston Hall workshop for adults....

Here are more pieces made by the adults attending my course at Knuston Hall. These were the very first things made on the day to learn how to do black line cutting. Its a great way to start a workshop as its about cutting away the negative space and paper cutting is all about the interplay between positive and negative space......

Its all about what you cut away to bring a shape forward. 

The photos aren't brilliant I am afraid. I often have to rush to take them at the end of a workshop when the light isn't good and I am tired! A workshop takes a lot of my energy. In the planning yes, but as people are working with knives, I watch them like a hawk. And  give in depth one-to one to each person learning, so that makes for a full brain day! Whats lovely about these birds that are made are the subtly differences in each. the way a person cuts away is as unique as a finger print. Some do chunky things, other do very fine and refined things, but each has its own energy and feel to it. I love seeing the results.

The other thing about teaching adults is that as the teacher you are much more on a level playing field with the people you are teaching. they have stories and lives that have been full and interesting. they often chat and talk about all sorts of things from politics, to children, through to where they have lived and where they shop! its a very inclusive event. There is a particular vibe to each workshop I run.

It brings people into connection and making art is the carrier for it. 


Monday, 20 June 2016

Take one little Robin... adult workshop at Knuston Hall

I have to say I love teaching adults. 

I have just run another workshop for adults at Knuston Hall just near Wellingborough. Its the first time for me to be a tutor there so I was a bit nervous. Every place you run a workshop has its own unique feel and way of doing things. And each time you run a workshop you know its a whole new set of people that you have to engage and encourage and make sure that they get great results to take home. I design things carefully so that people go home with a little wadge of things they have finished and created. 

Adults feel much more at ease and secure if they aren't flung in at the deep end at once, so I usually start with an image drawn onto paper that they can get cutting into straight away. The bird is a favourite with everyone I teach paper cutting. Its so customisable and also teaches the main principles really clearly and manage-ably for beginners. I often draw the birds out before hand, but at Knuston Hall I had more time as the day ran from 9.15am - 4.45pm. I think it was really good for everyone to see me drawing in front of them. Its showed my skills as an artist, but also showed them how to do it more effectively that words ever would!


And this was my little robin that I brought to use as an example. I never really mind if people copy mine. If it gets their creative juices flowing and gives them the confidence to do more and experiment in baby steps as they go, then thats all to the good.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Four page feature on me in June's Cambridge Magazine!


I'm really chuffed to bits to be featured in this months edition of Cambridge Magazine! Its a cracking four page article that really goes into the story of how I got to start paper cutting and what inspires me too. There are details too about the fairly big bumps along the way but also how life seems to be settling the right way up! Do have a read, its very well written by Alice Ryan.  

Click on this link to read online: http://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/Picture-Paper-cut-artist-Vanessa-Stone-shows/story-29346304-detail/story.html