Thursday, 31 May 2012

Exciting times! I will be part of Pop Up Festival of Stories!

Well... exciting times! I am going to be part of the 2012 Pop Up Festival of Stories/ Kings Cross! I will be working alongside the wonderful James Mayhew and Clara Vulliamy - I will be making paper cut outs of paper knights and princesses and making paper dragons too! James is curating the space and there will be all sorts of things being made, exhibited, hung and things to just look at , along with sessions of story telling. It will be a full on six hours for the public to come and enjoy!

 On Tuesday we had the planning meeting for what we are going to do. At Eat Shop Do we munched on great slabs of carrot cake and drank cups of tea. It's quite a place.. full of retro crockery and furniture, along with quirky things to buy. I had the sweetest teapot to pour from.

It was the most gorgeous day in London . One of those light, bright days when the light seems silvery clear. I dashed into the National Gallery to see Uccello's George and the Dragon - the inspiration for the paper cuts the children visiting the festival will get to make.. and Trafalgar Square just looked amazing.

Friday, 25 May 2012

A wall of my work at Byard Art

It's rather a thrill to see pieces of my work when they are exhibited in galleries. There is always the excitement and nervousness of how many have been hung, where, good light or tucked in a corner. The wonderful Byard Art seems to always hang my work in lovely places. They out did themselves though recently for the Anglia Revealed exhibition and put many of my pieces on one wall! I was so completely chuffed! have a look at the picture!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Trauma and bunting...

My life is a bit traumatic at the moment to say the least. I am separating from my husband of 20 years and moving house with the kids, we will be sharing time with them. Just that little sentence will no doubt tell you that I have had a lot on my plate lately! And in amongst the big ups and downs, the sadness's of coming to terms with what's happening, I am managing to do some work for the "Jubilee" show at Byard Art that starts this coming Saturday. And here is one of the pieces...some cheery bunting. And I loved making it. Loved the patterns, loved the colour of it, loved the optimism that's inherent in the image. I think I may make lots more... somehow these cheery little flags have stirred my rather bashed heart.And you can get to see a little of the process of the making of them...