Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Free "Cutting the Curve" exhibition events!!

There are two free events you can book onto! 

On Feb 5th there is a "come and meet the artist" evening. I will be there to chat about how the work developed and was made and the reasons why I get so inspired by the casts.....and the second event on Saturday 20th Feb, is a free adult workshop so you too can have a go at paper cutting, even having a go and making your own cut paper Classical art collage! I will have lots of materials for you to use. I supply all the craft knives and safety cutting mats, and I will give you lots of gentle encouragement and constant enthusiasm to make something that's really unique and yours. 

"Cutting the Curve - Crafting the Classical Body" - exhibition pics!

Here is just a little taster of the exhibition "Cutting the Curve" at the Museum of Classical Archaeology at Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge. It wonderful to get this chance to see my work next to such beautiful objects. The Museum of Classical Archaeology is a really special place. there is a kind of magic there. I dont know why but it feels a place apart. Its a very calm space and fascinating too as there is so much to look at. On show aren't just the very beautiful cast sculptures you would expect, but other really unusual ones.

I have my favourites... bit which are yours???

Be careful what you wish for - often said as a warning but dreams can come true!

"Be careful what you wish for" often said or heard as a warning or portent...but actually wishing for something is a great thing because there are times those wishes really do come true. And something has just come true for me.

From this last Monday the 18th Jan - an exhibition of my work "Cutting the Curve - Crafting the Classical Body" at the Museum of Classical Archaeology started! 16 pieces based on the Classical Greek and Roman casts there. Torso's and heads and full bodies. They are all cut paper layered collage. Pieces made from drawing into the paper and layering papers from behind. This time though there is a lot more emphasis on using tone to bring out the form of the sculpture. They look simple, but were far from it as I had to really work them out. And I needed to hold my breath too. The curves and lines the sculptors carved out are very subtle and delicate. A couple of mm in the wrong direction really shows!!!

They aren't direct copies though. Each one is made from an individual drawing to start with and then translated into the cut paper. Each one individually worked out. I am no Classicist. I'm a country kid in essence and I admire hugely the knowledge the department of Classics has and people that know about these things. I think my lack of in depth knowledge though has helped as I can respond to them very instinctively and freshly.

Do visit the exhibition. Its only on for four weeks until Feb 25th. And write in the comments book.....I do read them!