Tuesday, 26 October 2010

"Of my head and of my heart" - images from the exhibition

"I will go down to the sea mother" - based on the poem "The Triumph of Time" by Swinburne.

"Does she know" - one of my original poems

"About a father, about a life" - another of my original poems

Monday, 25 October 2010

"of my head and of my heart" and facing up to demons....

Where on earth does time go? I have absolutely no idea. The last few weeks have merged into one, seemingly with one deadline after another. The Letchworth Art Centre show "Of my head and of my heart" is up and about to finish on the 29th October. And the St. Alban's Cathedral one too that's about to end. I have been chasing my tail and visiting old, lost friends in my beloved Salisbury. New opportunities have opened up, unexpected ones and I have faced up to some demons too just lately. Sometimes you have to face them full square on and shrink them to a manageable size to fight.

The "of my head and of my heart show" has been a big deal for me. Not commercially, as many of the pieces are not for sale but being much more vulnerable and showing just who the real Vanessa is. They are very personal pieces. With the architecture, I delight in the beauty around me, but its hard to take risks, hard to step off that metaphorical cliff. With the Letchworth pieces, there is plenty of stepping out.

Photos of the work to follow tomorrow.....