Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cambridge door knocker

And when we got to Cambridge, I spied this door knocker and loved it...

A walk through Grantchester meadows...

I have often been asked if I have done any cuts of Grantchester, but I have never been and so it's always been a no! So at long last, on our 18th weddding anniversary we went to have a look and hopefully have a cuppa at The Orchard at Granchester. It was unbelievably busy - as it was such a warm and sunny October day loads of people had thought the same! So we couldn't have tea but enjoyed the walk into Cambridge instead. It's a beautiful place. So English and peaceful. I thought you would like to see a few photos....and yes, I think a cut will emerge in time..

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A new piece making me tear my hair out...

Well, I have to admit, not quite tearing my hair out... but this new piece, of which there is a small detail below, was one of those cut I had to spend lots and lots and lots of time on. It started well - a concentrated six hours meant I had made a lot of progress. It's a complex piece as it has overlaid trees and leaves and the composition is unusual for me in that there is a big chunk of text to get to work rather than being something tacked on. Something just wasn't right though. it just kind of looked a bit jumbly, a bit too detailed and fussy - a bit to niggled at. So there was only one option and that was to take it apart and work up from the base again. I flipped the idea on its head and made a pencil rubbing form it and that led me to lay that rubbing underneath for the birch tree's trunk. It seemed to sit right. It had begun to find its right shape. Call me mad, but some pieces simply won't behave until they have told you were they want to be placed!It's all intuitive of course. It's all about it feeling just not quite right and I can't really explain it more than that. The process always holds a bit of mystery.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Go and see " "On being There"

This is just a small post to tell you about my husband's exhibition at Letchworth Art Centre called "On being There". It is an exhibition of exquisite wood engravings and watercolour paintings. The en plain air work is the product of several months, from the late Spring this year and all through the summer. Whenever Witold had some spare time (he works as a Head of Art at a school in Baldock) he would go out to local churches and farm buildings in North Hertfordshire and simply draw them. There are many in the county, in fact we found out all about the Hertfordshire Hundred's through this process. And found too that many of the churches were open during the day. They are utterly peaceful places to visit and sit in. Places to contemplate and think. I joined him too sometimes and to share those moments together painting was simply magical. We met at art college and so it seems a very natural thing to do, for us to be making art at the same time. It feels like home and it feels like breathing.

I know for him the work is a quest for a full and real experience of making art in contrast to making art using digital means. For many years he has concentrated on photography and has made some stunning photos... but lately he felt he needed to get back to the elemental roots of making paintings and the watercolours and wood engravings are the product of that searching. Just him, paints, a sketchbook and the landscape.

If you are near to Letchworth - and we are only 35 minutes by train from King's Cross - do come and visit the show. Its simply beautiful.

The exhibition runs from Monday 3 October - Friday 28 October 2011

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.
Saturday 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.
Admission is free to all Galleries.