Monday, 31 August 2015

September cover for Cambridge Edition magazine - out now!

I am so chuffed! work has been used again for a cover of Cambridge Edition magazine. Its always exciting to see on a cover. I just need to hunt a copy down now......

"Views and Shoes" exhibition is up!!! - a big thank you to Alfred East Art Gallery!

"Views and Shoes"  - my latest exhibition is up! A very big thank you to the staff at Kettering's Alfred East Art Gallery who are so friendly and helpful. It was a pleasure to meet you all and drop off the work for hanging. I think it looks wonderful and its great to see the pieces in a different setting and not so physically near to me in the studio. They are out in the world now and free for people to see and buy and it marks the end of that period of preparation for the exhibition. It always makes me start to see my work on a crisp, clean wall. I can see them afresh too.

The exhibition runs until September 26th, culminating in an adult paper cutting workshop on that day. Click HERE for more info and how to book.

The magic of sticky backed plastic! accessible for ALL ages!!

The magic of using sticky backed plastic/vinyl for collaborative art projects is that its very accessible for all ages. Little children of under two can have a go as though they can't cut the shapes, they can do the sticking. Children are very used to stickers for art at home and school. Older children love the chance to be freely creative and the sticky vinyl means great, bold results achieved really quickly. This was the #NOST day at Kettering Art Gallery again, last Saturday. The collaborative panel based on nature was a wonderful way to get all ages involved in making a piece for the art gallery. Children of all ages got involved, as well as adults and adults and children did the learning and making together. Lot of them said how much fun they had and how much they enjoyed making it! The other really lovely thing is all the parents who took photos of their finished part!


Collaborative sticky collage! getting the Mayor of Kettering involved!

On Saturday 29th Aug I was in the gardens outside Kettering's Alfred East Gallery, taking part in the NOST (Northants Open Art Trail) launch event. My exhibition "Views and Shoes" in the Long Gallery there started on that day too, and I was there to make a collaborative sticky backed plastic collage with the general public.

It was a great day! lots of art made and lots of art sold by artists! It was great to talk to people about the work I have on show, and explain a bit of the process of making. I got to meet lots of people too - even the Mayor of Kettering - June Derbyshire who you can see me helping in this series of photos. She really wanted a heart with an arrow through, so I cut it for her and helped her to apply it onto the panel. She was lovely and I really enjoyed chatting to her too. I haven't taken part in many events like this and it was really good fun. There is nothing like getting the chance to talk direct to people and show them what I do.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Latest exhibition details! Kettering!!

The latest place to see my cut paper collages is a month long exhibition at Kettering Art Gallery, Northamptonshire.

 It runs from 29th August to 26th September 2015 and will feature 20 works based on the English countryside, along with specific views of places and buildings in and near Kettering. Added in will be something completely different for me too - cut paper collages of shoes too. There is a reason for this!  More soon! I will be posting more photos tomorrow - photos that show the cut paper texture and news of another way of working..........featured on the poster is the church of St. Peter and St. Paul. It was a wonderfully sunny day when we visited once. The bunting was blowing in the wond and it was just such a happy day to walk round the town. We had another meal at Wetherspoons! ham, egg and chips and a half of shandy for me. Cheap and cheerful meal for us two and its great sitting up in the balcony area as there are LOADS of old books on the shelves. Wetherspoons probably bought them in by the metre! It doesn't matter was the time my partner Mark and I were spending together, precious time, wandering and chattering about Kettering.