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Monday, 6 June 2011

My sketchbooks - drawing at the heart of my work..

Having seen a few paper cut artists recently that work solely from photos, I thought I would post a few posts to show you how I work. We all work in our own way, drawing for me is a very important part of my process. Ideas occur to me at all sorts of times. In the bath, shopping, walking about Letchworth or wherever I am. They kind of bubble up from the deep! And I make little sketches in my sketchbooks. They are often rough. Sometimes I use a camera to record something and then chop and paste the bits I like and then re-draw the whole thing. Drawing is at the very heart of what I do. I use little technology. No photoshop, apart from getting the images ready for my website.

Here are a few pictures of pages from a sketchbook that I finished about three months ago. It took me aboput a year to fill and its a book that I am very attached to.

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  1. its so true, i have lots of paper notes n notebooks of what i've doodled or writings that i feel is precious..