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Friday, 10 June 2011

Sketching the De Havilland Philharmonic with James Mayhew

I went sketching last night with my very good friend James Mayhew. James has been doing these fantastic concerts with the De Havilland Orchestra - where he drawings as the music is playing. Its extraordinary! Last night though was just a chance to keep him company and draw the orchestra rehearsing for the concert they have this weekend - Sunday the 12th June, Debussy and Beethoven.

I have to say -it was a whole new experience. Its really hard of course, as the musicians are moving at quite a pace, so its difficult to really capture the shapes clearly or for that matter see them clearly. So I just attempted to get the feel of the shapes and try and sketch a couple of the musicians. To draw and hear such gorgeous music though, was simply marvellous. It was very concentrated. And the images and the experience of making them are now hot wired into my brain!


  1. it was fabulous Vanessa. we will do more in the autumn!