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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Gift - a free papercut and a private donation

For a long time I have wanted to use my work to raise money for charity - put simply to use my hands for good, for something/someone beyond myself. In the past I have donated work for charity auctions, sold prints for Parkinson's UK. Donating the complete pieces was fine, I will do that again without doubt, but something niggled away at me about the prints. For me something given must be given freely, wholly given and covering the costs of printing went directly against that. The prints too are a digital form of my work, not the actual stuff of my hands, of my effort. Something didn't feel right.

A recent hospital operation for me and some recuperation has meant some pondering time and I reckon I have the answer. And it is to make small paper cuts that I will simply give away. People can post/text/ring me their address (all my contact information is on my website, click HERE) and I will simply send them the little cut in the post. Whoever contacts me first will get the paper cut. All I ask is that the receiver donates what they can afford to a charity of their choice. It will be entirely private though. Whatever can be afforded, whether is 50p or £50,is done entirely privately.

So here it is the first very first gift. It's given freely.


• If you would like the paper cut simply email/text/ring me with your address and I will post the little cut to you. There will be a little letter included too, just to say hello and a thank you
• if you don't hear anything in the post, try again with the next "Gift" posting. I aim to post a cut on here once a month
• all addresses will be kept confidential and deleted after use


  1. I absolutely love the sprit of your "gift" - what a beautiful idea. I found your blog only recently and think your work is amazing.
    I, too, would like to use my work for a good cause, and I applaud your idea. Very beautiful.

  2. hello Judy - thank you so much and the little cut is wingingits way to you as I write - posted today! :-))