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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Making paper faces

I have been making paper faces for a fair while...usually its for children's workshops as the folding the paper in half and cutting eyes, nose and mouth is a kind of magic thing to watch someone make and have a go doing too. I demonstrated how to do it just recently at the Pop Up Festival of Stories 2012 It really gets your brain going as you have to think about how to use a simple shape to convey a face. I have never done them with a scalpel though... its always been with scissors. 

Until now..... I am in a new house, a new life and up from my subconscious are rising these faces. Creativity is a magical thing! talk about a mystery...and I quite like this start. I like the fact that she looks like a warrior, a woman who is looking intently, a woman that's focussed. The nose and the lips on the second version are a bit rubbish though!  Mark 3 coming soon....

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