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Monday, 1 October 2012

A paper Garden City - new Letchworth works since 2008

I have been making some new Letchworth Garden City's been four years since I made the ones for the solo exhibition at the First Garden City Heritage Museum that set me on a whole new path with my paper work, a path that started me making the architectural paper cuts. Before that I had just been fiddling about with white line figure paper cuts. The Heritage Museum show was a whole show of just Letchworth buildings. Click HERE to see the work I made for the show.

This is one of the new ones though - a set of ten new pieces, just A4 in size and half way cut of course. I love Letchworth station... there has been many journeys there into the smoke... and Welwyn Garden City is a favourite too. Many hours have been spent there watching the fastest trains thunder through. I just love the speed. It's very heartening making some work based on Letchworth. I have been here over twenty years now... there are many memories as I wander round the town,. so many memories. They all seemed to be present in my head, through my hand as I was making these. I suppose its because its home's where I live, where I exist. Where my heart is.

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