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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Finding a gem...Paul R Montford angel sculpture at Reydon church

I have just been away for a weeks holiday in Suffolk. Its the first time we have been to the county and its been a joy to discover the landscape all round Southwold and down to Aldeburgh and up to Lowestoft. Its a county of beautiful buildings and friendly locals, as well as a place that you can come across complete treasures like this in the photos below...

In these photos is a memorial in the graveyard at Reydon church, just a mile or so outside Southwold. We kept driving past it and saying that we must look at that angel... the week passed by and finally as we went to Southwold for a final coffee on the beach, we stopped off. Wow and double wow! I thought it was something special. Walking up to it and you see that it is indeed something out of the ordinary. Its such a beautiful memorial. Tender and loving and beautifully sculpted. It has fine and subtle detailing. If you are passing that way, stop and look.Its a precious thing to see.

And have a look at the Wikepedia page on Paul R Montford...and read about his prestigious work in Melbourne!!


  1. When I enlarged this last photo, I could see what you meant by "double wow"!! So moving!
    Glad you had a good time, Vanessa! Welcome home!

  2. its was a great holiday Judy - just right to recharge the batteries and see the sea! fab! and yes, this memorial was a gem to find. Beautiful.

  3. glad you found us locals friendly and that you had a great holiday !!!!

  4. It was a great place to explore Mandy, a beautifull county!

  5. Thank you for highlighting this angel, Vanessa. It was sculptored by my grandfather just before he emigrated to Australia. It certainly is very beautiful, isn't it!

    1. Hello Alice - how amazing!!! I wrote this a fair while ago so to be reminded is lovely. How proud you must be of your grandfather! It really is very beautiful. I love graveyard sculptures. They are often very elegant/poignant and meaningful.