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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

A new piece making me tear my hair out...

Well, I have to admit, not quite tearing my hair out... but this new piece, of which there is a small detail below, was one of those cut I had to spend lots and lots and lots of time on. It started well - a concentrated six hours meant I had made a lot of progress. It's a complex piece as it has overlaid trees and leaves and the composition is unusual for me in that there is a big chunk of text to get to work rather than being something tacked on. Something just wasn't right though. it just kind of looked a bit jumbly, a bit too detailed and fussy - a bit to niggled at. So there was only one option and that was to take it apart and work up from the base again. I flipped the idea on its head and made a pencil rubbing form it and that led me to lay that rubbing underneath for the birch tree's trunk. It seemed to sit right. It had begun to find its right shape. Call me mad, but some pieces simply won't behave until they have told you were they want to be placed!It's all intuitive of course. It's all about it feeling just not quite right and I can't really explain it more than that. The process always holds a bit of mystery.

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