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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Cutting into Artefacts - paper with memory

Following on from the black and white works in 2012, I felt a need to use paper and materials that had greater authenticity. I had been using brand new Canson paper to make the paper cuts but I longed to touch the paper and feel a bit of history rather than something that was virgin to the world. I have always loved postcards, so collected a few together from market stalls and ebay, and went about making pieces that were unutterably tied by image and content and authenticity. In many ways these pieces are the things I am most proud of. They aren't illustrations and aren't commercial at all! and they are about difficult subjects of love, death and belonging, all subjects I was dealing with at the time.

"B is for Bambi"

"Where have You Been Little Stamp"
"Love Lines"
"I Know You"
"Who are you Baby Boy?" (front)
"Who are you Baby Boy?" (back)

"Head of an Angel"
"The Three Kings"

"Never Seen, Never Sent"

"Letter From My Father"

"I am of Little Value"

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