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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Warriors and Masks - black and white works - time moving on

It's time for a change and to lay some of my works to rest....

In 2012 much of my recognisable life fell apart. The three big things of marriage breakdown, move and then death all came in 8 months. It was a very difficult time. I felt pretty vacant and hollowed out - and surviving in part on a diet of jelly babies and diet coke!! Not very healthy....I can see now very clearly how these pieces  below surfaced. The black and white expressed a clarity and a brutality of the situation I was in. The masks of course are easy to figure... and the warrior heads too. I was trying to externalise feelings of gaining my own strength in order to fight and survive.

Time is a wonderful healer. Its 2014 and my life has dramatically changed, and all for the better. I feel happier and more content and more complete in who I am than I have done for the longest time. Much of that has been meeting an extraordinary man and falling deeply in love. My fathers death was awful and beautiful too. All the Parkinson's pain had gone and he just felt at peace finally. I feel him often - not in a spooky or morbid way - just in a lovely joyful, keeping me company kind of way. 

So its time to put some of these works in a symbolic portfolio and put under the bed....

"Face to Face"
"Knight Head"
"I am Not a Metal Man"

"Camden masks - Lucha Libre"
"Camden Masks - African"
"White Cut Head"

Warrior head and the Tears"
"Warrior Woman"

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