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I am a cut paper artist and I live in Arlesey, Bedfordshire. I'm originally from a small village outside Salisbury - Winterslow - in Wiltshire. I use a scalpel (and scissors too) to cut into single sheets of paper that I then layer from behind to create bold and striking images of buildings and places, expressing my love of the English landscape and the natural world about me.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Where the heck did two months go?? part one...

So, the last post I did on here was 18th November!!! 18th November!! and its almost the 18th January. Where the heck has the time gone???? The run up to Christmas is always busy a I often have commissions to complete for Christmas presents. This year too my fathers health has been declining more with the beast of Parkinson's taking more and more of him. I would like to say it gets easier, bu tit just doesn't. In most things in life you can have a positive slant, but on this you can't, its a lose/lose situation. so the answer?? to appreciate the now as much as I can.

A commission I completed this Christmas though I was particularly pleased with. It was for a lady called Julie Ann Baker, a present for her fiance. She particularly wanted a couple walking along a beach, birds in the air and the partial words of the piece " Where I belong" I have cut in the past in an aqua ribbed textured paper. Since the show at Letchworth Art Centre recently, where I was focusing on cut poetry and using text and image together, my head has been still tussling with those two lions in a piece. They fight so much, each wanting dominance, each wanting to steal the limelight, each wanting to roar - I was beginning to feel I could only tame them separately. This commission for Julie Ann though worked! HURRAH!! All the elements seemed to fit and the balance works well. All I need now is to know what she thinks when she sees it for real. It was posted off on Thursday afternoon, so I will get to know soon.

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