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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Jesus Lock commission - just completed!

I have recently been commissioned by a couple to make a cut of Jesus Lock in Cambridge. Its a place I have always loved as its got a wonderful mix of architectural and scenic elements - a bridge, a lock, the wonderful river, a gorgeous lock cottage and that's not mentioning the amazing sight that's Jesus Green trees, the trees that give a cool walk on a summers day. Its a tricky place too for that very reason. In that having so many strong elements, its hard which view to translate or which elements to concentrate on. I chose this sight as it combined all the details the couple wanted, and somehow captured the sense of the place too.

And its partly where the development of my work is going. This isn't really a paper cut. Its a layered collage. The surface is cut, but then I underlay paper from behind to fit the spaces exactly and then I cut into them again. I also used the blade to cut into the surface to add a cut texture.

It makes for a dense and richly coloured piece... and I am pleased with I have to admit. Especially with the graph paper clouds and the 7mm phone boxes!


  1. That's rather fascinating. A whole new to me way of working with paper.

  2. thank you Elephant's Eye...there are people that do collage, but notmany with this, very tight technique. :-))