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I am a cut paper artist and I live in Arlesey, Bedfordshire. I'm originally from a small village outside Salisbury - Winterslow - in Wiltshire. I use a scalpel (and scissors too) to cut into single sheets of paper that I then layer from behind to create bold and striking images of buildings and places, expressing my love of the English landscape and the natural world about me.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

So I couldnt sleep last night....thoughts running round my brain like rats in a sack!

I just couldn't sleep last night. I had had a deep bath at 10pm ish, mainly to soothe my shoulder. I have been in pain all week, not being able to turn my head easily and it hurting like anything. I love being in the bath. I simply love it. Its the place where I can separate off from the family physically and mentally and its the place I always let my imagination run free. The water was so warm and it helped me forget the pain for a while.

Anyway, after turning pink and wrinkly, I got out and dressed and made a cuppa and then started to write down the ideas. There were so many tumbling over each other like rats in a sack. A few things I had been dithering about seemed at long last to just make sense - things about using text and poetry and capturing the experience of being in a place and not just the physical scene. On the telly was the Santana programme on BBC Four, and as I wrote I had that music keeping me company. The way I had got to know Santana, and that was only a smidge of knowledge, was through my brother-in-law who was a mad keen Santana fan. He bought me a Santana album when I was about 15, pretty cool looking back now.

It was so good to enjoy the moment of getting the thoughts down. Getting them out of my head. And I experimented a tiny bit too. An inch sized experimentation of a little teacup, combining gouache painting and a paper cut. I actually really love it. I have felt such a need to paint, to work with subtle colors and tones and have the freedom of the brush and not the blade. The blade though is so definite,so clean to use, I can't imagine a time when I would want to stop.

Still, this is for you to see... very early green shoots of change...

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  1. I love this Vanessa. I think you could take this a long way... Had a rats-in-the-sack night myself but just lay awake worrying rather than doing anything. so from that angle alone this post is inspiring!