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Saturday, 27 August 2011

So I couldnt sleep last night....thoughts running round my brain like rats in a sack!

I just couldn't sleep last night. I had had a deep bath at 10pm ish, mainly to soothe my shoulder. I have been in pain all week, not being able to turn my head easily and it hurting like anything. I love being in the bath. I simply love it. Its the place where I can separate off from the family physically and mentally and its the place I always let my imagination run free. The water was so warm and it helped me forget the pain for a while.

Anyway, after turning pink and wrinkly, I got out and dressed and made a cuppa and then started to write down the ideas. There were so many tumbling over each other like rats in a sack. A few things I had been dithering about seemed at long last to just make sense - things about using text and poetry and capturing the experience of being in a place and not just the physical scene. On the telly was the Santana programme on BBC Four, and as I wrote I had that music keeping me company. The way I had got to know Santana, and that was only a smidge of knowledge, was through my brother-in-law who was a mad keen Santana fan. He bought me a Santana album when I was about 15, pretty cool looking back now.

It was so good to enjoy the moment of getting the thoughts down. Getting them out of my head. And I experimented a tiny bit too. An inch sized experimentation of a little teacup, combining gouache painting and a paper cut. I actually really love it. I have felt such a need to paint, to work with subtle colors and tones and have the freedom of the brush and not the blade. The blade though is so definite,so clean to use, I can't imagine a time when I would want to stop.

Still, this is for you to see... very early green shoots of change...

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  1. I love this Vanessa. I think you could take this a long way... Had a rats-in-the-sack night myself but just lay awake worrying rather than doing anything. so from that angle alone this post is inspiring!