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Monday, 14 October 2013

Chattering on a Sunday afternoon - a beautiful barn and a first drive after the toe!

It was lovely to go to the Wedding Open Day at The Priory Barn in Little Wymondley. I chatted to the other exhibitors - some stunning cakes! Wow, such detail and delicacy of the flowers on them... amazing. Oh! and the flower arrangements! So pretty!  And lovely to show people the commissions I make for couples. It was my first attempt at driving too after the toe break... it felt very weird and is swollen up again now, but so good to get out and see people chatting and discussing their upcoming weddings. Its such a pretty place and has the most amazing Box trees in the grounds.... very, very old, probably about 800 years old. Made me think of all the people that have passed through the barn. The weddings yes, but all the worker who worked at the farm all those hundreds of years and a chunk of bread in the hot summer. It's a wonderful building.

The Priory Barn Open day

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