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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

"Creativity & Cocktails" - sticky backed plastic workshop for adults!

Had a great night last night at Dot to Dot Gallery in Letchworth, running an adults sticky plastic collage workshop for adults. It was the very first I have done using the plastic, but having run countless workshops with paper cutting, I knew it would work well as its such an accessible medium. Artist Venice Shone, who works at Dot To Dot, made some awesome cocktails and we worked to the sound of summer thunder. The heavens opened and it felt very tropical! I brought lots of plastic for people to use, along with books to inspire them which featured Eskimo art, snowflake photos and other visual resources. We chatted away as we worked and also were relatively quiet at times too when everyone was working in the zone. Everyone said how much they enjoyed the evening and working with the plastic. 

Wonderful to make something lovely from stuff that would be thrown away!

Here is to fantastic plastic!

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  1. are you going to do any more of these workshops?