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Monday, 4 August 2014

VERY exciting news - solo exhibition 2015

I have some very exciting news 
.....well actually two bits of exciting news!

  I will be having a solo exhibition at Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum in 2015, running from mid February until early July. It's so exciting. To be exhibiting pieces in the town I grew up in and to be able to make pieces all about the place and the Wiltshire country childhood I had, is a real privileged. I will be making pieces that feature key buildings in the town, places like the Cathedral and the Poultry Cross, as well as views across the market square and down Ox Row, all places that are so familiar to me, they are full of memories as a child and as an adolescent. I will also be making pieces based on the Wiltshire countryside, the rolling fields of the plain and simple places that have a great deal of meaning for me, the church where my mother is buried and fathers ashes are scattered. These three pieces below give you a small glimpse at the type of work  will be making. Its liberating to think the work that is essentially me will be on show.  

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