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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Round table workshop

Just recently at the end of November, I was asked by Hitchin Round Table to run a paper cutting workshop for the Christmas get together of husbands & wives. The aim of the workshop was for everyone to have a go and to wrap the activity around a festive Christmas meal in a local pub. The Round Table did the venue finding - The Highlander in Hitchin. I hadn't been before so I did a recce beforehand just to see the room. I knew the food was good from recommendations I had only concern was the amount of light available.

The quiet before everyone arrived. I had plenty of time to get set up. My workshop machine is well oiled and its great to get kitted up and ready....there is always that feeling of anticipation in the room before a workshop as imminently there is a room full of people that I don't know.....

Heads down and deep in concentration.......

Below are just some of the robins that were made. I took along pre-prepared drawn stencils of the robins so that they were ready to cut. I knew the light might be a bit limited - more ambient light available as its a function room for eating in, not a workshop space. So to counteract that, I prepared the robins on a cream Ingre drawing paper. It made the robins/birds look fantastically light and fresh. When we had finished the cutting, I demonstrated how to add colour and then the final flourish was to window mount them in precut mounts so that they were very much finished works of art to take away.

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